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TEST VERSION between 2.22a to 2.30

These TEST VERSION is out of date. To get the newest version, go to DOWNLOAD.

To build with mingw from source.

  • On Windows2000, do ln -s (or cp) /usr/lib/mingw/crt2.o .


  • unify Makefile.
  • change document format to m4.
  • update documents.


  • fix: did not clear all charactors after cursor at typing CTRL-W
  • fix: not flushed stdout before backquoting
  • fix: escape sequence did not work after run echo `pwd`


  • Resupport OS/2 Warp and DOS version.


  • fix:&& and || did not work.


  • fix:build-in ls (mingw-version) did not show correct timestamp and filesize.


  • Auto correct width at line-editing for the terminal software ckw. Thanks to hideden
  • Support mingw as one of compile platform. Thanks to lukewarm

*1built with mingw