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NYAOS 3000

What is NYAOS 3000

luacat.png NYAOS 3000 is the code name of the Nihongo Yet Another Open Shell 3.xx, which is the next generation of NYAOS 2.xx Series.

  • It is powered by Lua.
    • Build-in command: 'lua_e "LUA-CODE"' which extends NYAOS.
    • About detail, see "What powered by Lua").
  • Support Windows XP SP3 or later, and OS/2 Warp 4.5
  • It does not require CMD.EXE. It runs standalone.


  • The rule of loading '_nya' changed. NYAOS.EXE comes to load all of _nya on the directories where nyaos.exe exists , which %HOME% or %USERPROFILE% points, and on the current directory.
  • On OS/2 Warp, emx.dll (0.9 or later) are required.


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  • 3.3.9_0 (2014/05/06)
    • Support to quote the equation all in 'set' statement like CMD.EXE. For example: SET "FOO=BAR"
  • 3.3.8_4 (2014/04/05)
    • Fix the bug to regard the second byte of Double-Bytes-Charactor's 0x5E as the escape-charactor ^ . (Thanks to Akinori Hattori)
  • 3.3.8_3 (2013/12/25)
    • <COMObject>:__get__ method to get property with parameter because they can not be refer like function.
    • Say message when gpath.lua failed.
  • 3.3.8_2 (2013/07/24)
    • Fixed: Could not quit incremental search by CTRL-R with CTRL-G
    • Fixed: Considered { without the name and } as the function block beginning.
    • Fixed: Could not chdir to the directory pointed with UNC-Path (Thanks to @nocd5)
  • 3.3.8_1 (2013/05/06)
    • ls's new option:-_ : print files starting with _
    • Fixed: Cound not assign functions to keys: ALT_0~9 ALT_A~Z.
  • 3.3.8_0 (2013/05/03)
    • Fixed: Could not assign functions with the `bindkey' command to some keys for example CTRL_LEFT,CTRL_RIGTH and so on.
    • Fixed: Once Lua-function assigned to nyaos.keyhook returns nil, no Lua-function assigned key did not work.
    • New Lua function: nyaos.currentdir()
    • The width for the file size on `ls -l' is automatically changed. (*)
    • ls's new option: -h,--si (*)
      (* Thanks to Mr.Akinori Hattori's codes!)
  • 3.3.7_1 (2013/04/23)
    • Fixed: The Window's title text was not updated at changing drive with X: (on Windows Only)
  • 3.3.7_0 (2013/03/31)
    • Since COMObject:Item("key")=val is not available, provide COMObject:__put__("Item","key",val)
    • Be able to enumerate the items in collection of COM-object
      (ex: for e in COMObject:__iter__() do ... end )
    • Be able to load COM's constraints with COMObject.__const__
      (same as nyaos.const_load which was removed from documents)
  • 3.3.6_1 (2013/03/01)
    • Fixed: "ls -l | more" did not print with the long format.
    • Fixed: Crashed at executing 'con' or 'prn'
  • 3.3.6_0 (2013/02/24)
    • Support DBCS String literal on builtin-Lua.
    • Add nyaos.sub/len : DBCS version of Lua's string.sub/len
    • Remove nyaos.splitknj function
    • Move some functions from _nya to _nya.d\*
    • [OS/2] Now emx.dll are required again because the problem are found that PM applications can not be called.
  • 3.3.5_1 (2013/02/18)
    • Fix: Japanese Charactors could not be typed on Windows8.
  • 3.3.5_0 (2013/02/16)
    • The ^ is now regarded as the escape charactor like CMD.EXE.
    • `for' and `assoc' are defined on standard _nya.
    • Removed the fixed error message when CreateProcess has failed and the commandline is longer than 111 charactors.
    • Fix: GOTO did not work.
    • Fix: Only the functions with names in the lower case can be called.
    • Cut messages for `command(s) | nyaos.exe'
  • 3.3.4_3 (2013/02/09)
    • Fix the problen that current directory name became SHORTFILE NAME(8.3) when do "cd SHORTCUT.lnk".(WINDOWS)
    • Fix the bug that it does not work to complete a filename of shortcut after "cd ".(WINDOWS)
    • Fix the bug that on filename's completing, Filename's case is not corrected when length of common characters of complition-list are same as typed characters.
    • Added the new lua command `lnk' to make shortcut to the default _nya.(WINDOWS)
  • 3.3.4_2 (2013/02/02)
    • Bugfix: crashes at calling COM.
    • Able to see the version information in the exe-file's property.
  • 3.3.4_1 (2013/01/19)
    • Bugfix: Japanese letters are not printed correctly on builtin-ls and prompt in some Windows-7 environments.
  • 3.3.4_0 (2012/10/14)
    • Can change Window's title (on Windows only) (merge @nocd5's code)
    • build-in cls command.
    • If ~/_nya and ./_nya are the same file, not load them twice.
    • Remove warnings at compiling with g++ 4.7.0
  • 3.3.3_1 (2012/06/18)
    • Fix: freeze at executing the script with nyaos -f FILENAME and FILENAME's code is lua_e "print(io.read())" (on Windows only)
  • 3.3.3_0 (2012/06/03)
    • Complete only directory when the command is CD or PUSHD.
    • Lua: nyaos.const_load() which imports constants from COM
    • Fix problem: could not execute a batchfile when both the batchfile's name and argument are enclosed in double-quotation. (for example: "foo.bat" "arg1")
  • 3.3.2_0 (2012/04/30)
    • Can call COM-Object from built-in Lua (added function: nyaos.create_object , nyaos.get_active_object)
    • You can write `nyaos foo.lua' as `nyaos -f foo.lua'.
  • 3.3.1_0 (2012/03/02)
    • Enabled replacing by "suffix" command against result replaced by "alias" command.
    • `set foo:="ahaha "" ihihi"' make $foo to `ahaha " ihihi' (`set foo="ahaha "" ihihi"` remains to make $foo to `"ahaha "" ihihi"')
    • On `set foo= ; set foo+"a""b"', $foo was `ab'. But now it is `a"b'.
    • Aginst not existing command FOO, two error message ware printed as: `FOO: No such file or directory' and `FOO: Bad file descriptor'. Now, the latter are removed.
    • add Lua-functin: nyaos.putenv()
  • 3.3.0_3 (2012/02/11)
    • Fix problem: regarded spaces in %HOME% or %USERPROFILE% as parameter's separetor at calling program with tilde-charactor.
  • 3.3.0_2 (2012/01/30)
    • Suppress the error when the file pointed option savehist is not exists.
    • It can save history and call nyaos.good.* even if terminal window is closed with button.
    • Fix the problem to insert unnecessary double quotation on filename completion when the directory name has the charactor whose second byte is included option-uncompletechar.
    • modify _nya to call mklink via cmd.exe with alias.
  • 3.3.0_1 (2012/01/07)
    • support bash-like syntax such as `alias foo=bar' on the commands: alias, suffix, option.
    • fix: nyaos.eval does not work correctly when arguments' command output over 32767 chars.
  • 3.3.0_0 (2012/01/01)
    • change Lua-engine version 5.1.4 to 5.2
    • remove nyaos's own mechanism of pairs and ipairs.
    • remove nyaos.bitand, bitor, bitxor, rshift, lshift.