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NYAOS 2.x (E)

NYAOS (NYACUS,NYADOS,NYAOS-II) is the enhanced commandline shell for Windows,DOS,OS/2.

  • Line editor like tcsh. On NYACUS,NYAOS-II , able to read/write clipboard.
  • History like VZ-editor or tcsh-like.
  • Support OS : DOS,Windows95,98,Me,NT,2000,XP,OS/2 Warp
  • Built-in color ls
  • Alias and Function
  • key-binding custom
  • Even if longer string than screen width, command-line scrolls.
  • Backquote like tcsh
  • Filename completion
    • Support VFAT (NYADOS)
    • Completion and listing like bash
    • Auto correct filename's case
    • When filename has a white-space, append "
    • Auto corrent slash and backslash
    • Support another completion: one bye one completion.
  • Free Software. GNU General Public License


- 2.31_3 (2010.04.25) 2.30 (2009.11.0) 2.22a (2004.10.23)
Source nya-2.31_3.zip nya-2.30_0.zip nya222a.zip
Binary for Windows nyacus-2.31_3.zip nyacus-2.30_0.zip nyacus222a.zip
Binary for DOS nyados-2.31_3.zip nyados-2.30_0.zip nyados222a.zip
Binary for OS/2 nyaos2-2.31_3.zip nyaos2-2.30_0.zip nyaos222a.zip


name support OS compiler to build
NYADOS Windows95,98,Me,DOS Digital Mars C++ 8.42
NYACUS Windows95,98,Me,NT,2000,XP MinGW32/gcc
NYAOS-II OS/2 Warp emx 0.9d/gcc
  • The documentations in the archive files have not been translated to English, yet. They are under creation. Now 60%
  • To start , type EXE-Filename. With Ctrl-Z, terminate.
  • NYADOS,NYACUS,NYAOS-II are free softwares. You can copy them with GNU General Public License.

What's new

  • 2010.04.03
    • NYAOS 2.31_2 Released. DOWNLOAD_2xx
      • fix (c) 2001-2009 to 2001-2010 on Japanase document.
      • change support address to author's nifty address.
      • include icons for DOS and OS/2 foggotten in the previous packages.
  • 2010.03.31
    • NYAOS 2.31_1 Released. DOWNLOAD_2xx
      • Fix: on Windows, restore console-mode changed for getch() when execute commands. (This bug makes Lua and Python's interactive mode hang-up)
  • 2010.03.30
    • NYAOS 2.31_0 Released. DOWNLOAD_2xx
    • Backport from NYAOS-3000
      • Fix: could not input some japanese letter(called SAWA and so on)
      • Support: access from teraterm.
  • 2009.11.01