Nihongo Yet Another {OS/2|OSes|Open|GOing} Shell's support site


"NYAOS" is the tcsh-like enhanced commandline shell for Windows and OS/2 !
  • Open Source Software.
    • 1.x to 3.x are under the GNU General Public License.
    • 4.x == NYAGOS is under the New BSD License.
  • Line Editor and history like UNIX shells
  • Built-in color ls
  • Alias and function
  • key-binding custom
  • Filename completion

NYAOS 4.x = NYAGOS (Nihongo Yet Another GOing Shell)

nyagos.png NYAGOS is the New Commandline shell written with GO and Lua for Windows. From this version, unicode is available. Please see here.


luacat.PNG NYAOS 3.x - Nihongo Yet Another Open Shell 3.x is the next generation of NYAOS 2.x Series.

  • With Lua, users can customize anywhere on the shell.
  • No longer, NYAOS does not need CMD.EXE.
  • DOS and Windows9x are not supported on this version.


( English | Japanese)

NYAOS 2.x is developed from scratch to support three Operating System (DOS / Windows / OS/2 ).

  • greencat.PNG 'NYADOS' is for DOS and Windows9x
  • redcat.PNG 'NYACUS' is for Windows2000,XP
  • nyaos2ico.PNG 'NYAOS/2' is for OS/2.

But, '#!' and 'REXX' are not supported.


( English | Japanese )

NYAOS is born to provide the commandline like UNIX and fit for OS/2 environment.

  • IBM OS/2 2.11 or later.(tested only on Warp 4)
  • Command-line editor like tcsh/wordstar. It can be customized.
  • Understand '#!' like unix. Of course, BATCH and REXX can be executed.
  • Open the file or directory on Workplace Shell
  • Colored ls which can prints comments and longname in EA.
  • Supports DBCS.
  • emx runtime libraries 0.9d or later