Nihongo Yet Another {OS/2|OSes|Open|GOing} Shell's support site


"NYAOS" is the tcsh-like enhanced commandline shell for Windows and OS/2 !
  • Free Software. GNU General Public License
  • Line Editor and history like UNIX shells
  • Built-in color ls
  • Alias and function
  • key-binding custom
  • Filename completion

NYAGOS (Nihongo Yet Another GOing Shell)

nyagos.png NYAGOS is the New Commandline shell written with GO and Lua for Windows. Please see here.


luacat.PNG NYAOS 3.x - Nihongo Yet Another Open Shell 3.x is the next generation of NYAOS 2.x Series.

  • With Lua, users can customize anywhere on the shell.
  • No longer, NYAOS does not need CMD.EXE.
  • DOS and Windows9x are not supported on this version.


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NYAOS 2.x is developed from scratch to support three Operating System (DOS / Windows / OS/2 ).

  • greencat.PNG 'NYADOS' is for DOS and Windows9x
  • redcat.PNG 'NYACUS' is for Windows2000,XP
  • nyaos2ico.PNG 'NYAOS/2' is for OS/2.

But, '#!' and 'REXX' are not supported.


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NYAOS is born to provide the commandline like UNIX and fit for OS/2 environment.

  • IBM OS/2 2.11 or later.(tested only on Warp 4)
  • Command-line editor like tcsh/wordstar. It can be customized.
  • Understand '#!' like unix. Of course, BATCH and REXX can be executed.
  • Open the file or directory on Workplace Shell
  • Colored ls which can prints comments and longname in EA.
  • Supports DBCS.
  • emx runtime libraries 0.9d or later